Property of Sips


i dont even have to check for when sjips resurrects cause itll be my entire dash

its like when homestuck updates but probably a lot happier and rewarding



Sjin came back wearing Sips' hat…

Story-verse wise: they totally did the do

Real-life wise: that is just adorable, they’re sharing clothes!


I was trying to draw this but it seems that all creativity was used up yesterday. I love the idea that the reason the yogs consist of spacemen and it seems like Lalna is the token human is that their are no natives of Minecraftia.

Everyone just kind of fell into the world. Xephos, Sjin and Will…

Im just looking through some of my old posts and I still headcanon this so badly.
The lost found Minecraftia.

I really want to get into KirinDave’s stuff because he just seems like such a nice guy and the character designs are amazing.


Lalnable [Yogscast] by almondowls



So during the latest Magic Police, Sjin opened the map to where the old Tekkit buildings were, and this was on it. Anyone recognize this building or know what series it’s from? Because I haven’t got a clue, but I also don’t know if it’s from a series I haven’t seen.

Ok so I’m pretty certain I’ve seen all of the recent flux buddies, but have I missed something? Where is all of the flux Lalna coming from?

I saw your tags on the Disney concept art post and OH MY GOD YES THAT IS KRISTOFF

I’m glad some one agrees with me because the longer I looked at it the more I was like nah, maybe it’s just in my head BUT THAT IS KRISTOFF.



"What Disney Characters ALMOST Looked Like”

Concept art is my favorite

Kristoff was a concept for Flynn?